Monthly Archives: May 2011



SWIM: 9,400METERS, 4:00HRS


RUN: 17-18MILES, 2:50HRS

SUN: Up at 7AM for a 40MIN moderate-paced run in Manhattan Beach. I drove home to SaMo, picked up my FELT Bike and gear and headed up to Malibu where I met Larry at Bluff’s Park for a 60-mile ride north on PCH to Mulholland. We took Mulholland all the way across Kanan, down Rock Store and then back up Rock Store stupid and then we crossed Las Virgenes, rode up 7MIN Hill–well, it was more like 10MIN Hill for me–back onto Mulholland and then Old Topanga/Topanga/PCH and back to bluff’s. It was closer to 65MI but my ineptitude at starting and stopping my Garmin 310XT at the appropriate times never ceases to amaze me. Thank God I got an hour-long massage afterwards.

MON: Up at 6AM for a 35MI ride to work from the South Bay. I TT’d it hardcore on Vista del Mar in El Segundo along the ocean and then wound around MDR (Marina del Rey) up to my regular route of Olympic “It’s a Hwy through Beverly Hills” Boulevard. I was completely exhausted that night and I passed out at 8PM.

TUE: Up at 4:40AM for a 2,500M swim from 5:30-6:30AM at SaMo Swim Center by SMC; then PT for my shoulder at Forster Physical Therapy with Kammie at 7AM. I was at work by 9:20AM and I beta-tested running at lunch that day. I headed downstairs to 24HR Fitness at 12:55PM, laid down a blistering 5MIN transition out of my suit and into my running gear and nailed a 36MIN run to Chinatown and back before acing a makeshift Power Shower (more on that later, and as I hone the technique) and landing back at my cube by 2PM. Transition #2 needs some major work but, hey, we’re getting there…

WED: Up at 5:30AM for a 31MI ride to work from the South Bay. I was pretty torn up by this point in the week and I definitely did not get in any kind of workout that night.

THU: Up at 5:15AM for a 2,500M swim at SaMo Swim Center and then drove into work early. I met my Lil Sis Heather Hipp, at the Segerstrom Performing Arts Center in Orange County to see our cousin, K.J. Hippensteel, on stage in 9 to 5 the Musical!! He had been swinging, which means he was an understudy to the whole cast, for quite a while and Thursday was his third show actually performing! Not only is the show a RIOT that had me falling-out-of-my-chair laughing, but K.J. was AWESOME!

FRI: Up at 6AM and did the 40MI Mulholland Ride to work BUT the battery died at mile 30–DOH! I was on the fence about whether I was going to go for this big of a ride on FRI because I got to bed so late the night before, but the fact that my coach and quite a few of my other training partners had done either 112MI or 85MI (w/ 8,500FT of climbing, mind you) in the saddle on THU sorta lit a fire up under my arse! It was a beautiful morning and I made great time. Wrapped up FRI night with a 1,600M swim and then a showing of Fast Five with the boys.

SAT: I knew this weekend was going to be hell and it started at 8:30AM in the Culver City Plunge Pool. It was Anthony, Larry, Johnny Rocket, Anthony’s cousin and myself; after a 500M warm-up, I knocked off 20X100M, coming in at 1:45MIN and leaving at 2:15MIN. finished up with a 300M cool-down and I was already toasted. But wait, there’s more, oh so MUCH more. We drove to the SaMoHi track and did a 25MIN warm-up jog up to the SMC track where we left it all out on the track by throwing down 10X1,000M! I came in on the 1,000s between 4:05-4:15MIN and left on the 5:15MIN. My fingers hurt just typing that again! An hour-and-a-half of “my bag with my car key and house key got lost and I don’t know what to do” issue added about 2MI more jogging/walking to my workout afterwards but stretching, protein, more food and a one hour ICE BATH + doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day helped tremendously to my recovery. Stay tuned for what happened on Day #2 of the weekend… Coming Soon!